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Cycling may improve your insomnia symptoms


    Whether you are going for a weekend outing around the city or a long journey that lasts for dozens of days, bicycles are the best way to take you to enjoy the scenery. Cycling is the most suitable, and your range of activities will be greatly expanded.

    Although a bit tired after riding, proper riding can help you sleep better and healthier! Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine asked sedentary patients with insomnia to ride for 20-30 minutes every other day. what happens? The time for people with insomnia to fall asleep has been reduced by half, and their sleep time has increased by nearly an hour.

    Exercise regularly and become young, because exercise will accelerate blood circulation, help the skin resist ultraviolet rays, and create a good biological environment for the development of human cells. Therefore, you look healthier and younger than your peers!

    After the age of 30, people's physical health begins to decline. Cycling can bring more oxygen into the brain through more blood flow. People who exercise regularly have a greatly reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, various cancers, high blood pressure and obesity, and a 50% reduction in the risk of heart disease.

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