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How should we choose bicycles?


    Now more and more people choose classic city bicycle as a means of transportation, which is not only environmentally friendly, reduces the emission of harmful gases, but also avoids traffic jams, and can exercise well. So for ordinary people, how should we choose bicycles?

    First of all, height and weight determine the size of the car. If the height is below 160mm, choose 12-16 inches

    For car models, choose 18-inch models or larger for 170mm or more, and any models between 160-170mm can be used. Those weighing less than 70 kg can choose any model, but those weighing more than 70 kg should try not to choose a 12-inch or 14-inch model.

    Secondly, the driving distance is the driving distance. Any model can be used if the one-way riding distance is less than 5 kilometers, but if the riding distance exceeds 5 kilometers, a variable speed bike will be your best choice.

    The third point is its portability. If you need to take the subway or bus, try to choose a model under 16 inches. But if you have higher requirements for speed, then models under 16 inches are not suitable. You can choose larger models.

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