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It is recommended that you ride an electric bike for exercise


    If you want to lose weight, electric bicycles alone are not enough to help you lose a lot of weight. You will need to change your dietary intake.

    Sugar is the main enemy. Sugar intake should be reduced as much as possible and starchy foods should be avoided. Try to eat more green vegetables, protein and foods rich in high-quality fats. Some carbohydrate-rich foods are beneficial because they can provide high-quality fuel, which your body can convert into energy.

    In terms of riding, you first need to make sure that your bike is set up correctly. If the bicycle you are riding is not set up correctly, it will affect your pedaling efficiency and may even adversely affect your knees and back.

    If you are riding an electric bike for the first time, it is worth spending some time to familiarize yourself with gears and electric-assist functions. How many calories you burn is related to how long you ride. When cycling and losing weight, consistency is the key. Compared to riding 50 miles in a short period of time, regular short-distance riding will give you more exercise.

    Once you have adapted to the current exercise intensity, you can start to increase your mileage. After cycling regularly for a few weeks, you should find that cycling becomes easier and easier.

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