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Adult And Children Bicycles Manufacturer Introduces The Require


    Adult And Children Bicycles Manufacturer introduces the use of brakes:

    1. Generally, the brake lever is a two-finger brake lever. When riding, put your index finger and middle finger on it, and you can break immediately in case of an emergency. High-level mountain bikes are all set to the index finger single-finger brake, which has better control and at the same time can better control the handlebar.

    2. The first thing we learn is the control of the braking force. Gradually become familiar with how much braking force can be achieved by applying how much force to control the braking effect and prevent locking. After you are familiar with the relationship between braking force and braking effect, you can use the front brake with confidence.

    3. You can master the front braking technique by practicing fast parking, pay attention to the change of the body's center of gravity and control it when braking.

    Things to pay attention to before using the brake:

    1. In an emergency stop, your body should move backward and downward in conjunction with the brake, so as to prevent the forward inertia of the center of gravity from lifting the rear wheel or even flying out when braking.

    2. When the front wheels are turning, you should not use the front brake. After you are skilled, you can use the front brake slightly.

    3. When there are continuous steps and drops, try to avoid using the front brake.

    Through the above introduction,Kids Balance Bike For Sale Manufacturers and Kids Bike Manufacturer hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.