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Plastic Chair Injection Mould Ejection Reset

  • Chairs are very common in our lives. From ancient times to the present, from the first wooden chair to the current plastic and metal materials, the shape has undergone great changes, but it has always been a tool for people to rest. Whether it is the wooden chairs that appear in the park or the plastic chairs that appear on the dining table, they are silently serving us. Of course, with the development of technology, many creative chairs have also emerged. But the most important thing to make a chair is to have a good plastic chair injection mould .

    Plastic chair injection mold ejection reset

    (1) The paper output must remain stable, there is no paper jam, no abnormal sound, and the thimble board must be reset to the end.

    (2) The surface of the terminal thimble is lower than the surface of the iron core, not exceeding 0.1mm.

    (3) If there is interference between the ejection mechanism and the slider, protective measures must be taken, and there must be a reset travel switch on the top plate.

    (4) The return spring and sliding spring adopt standard parts, which meet the design requirements. Both ends are not polished or cut; the bottom of the spring hole is flat, and the hole diameter is 5mm larger than the spring.

    (5) Do not shim, weld or polish the top of the gasket and the oil return needle, and do not weld the oil return needle.

    The thimble on the curved or inclined surface should be anti-rotation positioning according to the standard D type, and the Z-shaped rod should be anti-rotation positioning.

    (7) The circumference of the top plate should be inclined 3-5 degrees, and the mandrel of the bottom chamfer should sink into the top plate for reliable fixing.

    No matter what household product, household product mould is the first element.