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Thin Wall Plastic Mold Resin Flow Distance

  • With the development of science and technology, electronic technology has become more and more popular, and electronic products have also become popular. I remember that the first generation of mobile phones was big, like bricks, so they were also called "big brother big". The current mobile phones are around 125 grams, which is lighter and thinner than the previous ones, and these are all due to the thin wall molding technology, which creates thin wall plastic mold and these thin and light electronic products. Today we will talk about matters needing attention in resin flow distance.

    If you want to increase the resin flow distance in the design, you must ensure the other properties of the parts, such as impact rigidity. For typical thin-wall technology applications, such as small appliances whose wall thickness is between 1.2 mm and 2 mm, the maximum resin flow distance can be 15 mm. Of course, adding more gates can reduce the requirements for resin flow distance, but this may cause appearance problems such as weld marks.

    Nowadays, thin-walled plastics are gradually popularized. Like thin-walled plastics, plastic pipes are also a very common plastic product, so the plastic pipe fitting injection mould process has become popular.