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Plastic Box Mold Production Problem

  • I believe everyone has heard of molds more or less. Today we will talk about some problems with plastic box mold .

    Dimensional accuracy of parts: The accuracy of the cavity is relatively low. Plastic parts manufacturing cost: The manufacturing cost of the multi-cavity mold is higher than that of the single-cavity mold, but it is not a simple multiple. From the perspective of the mold cost ratio of the cost of plastic parts, the multi-cavity mold is lower than the single-cavity mold. Production benefits of injection molding: On the surface, multi-cavity molds are more economical than single-cavity molds. However, the injection machine used in the multi-cavity mold is large. Each injection cycle is long and the maintenance cost is high, so the number of cavities of a mold should be considered from the most economical conditions. Manufacturing difficulty: The manufacturing difficulty of multi-cavity molds is greater than that of single-cavity molds. When one cavity is damaged first, it should be shut down immediately for maintenance, which will affect production. Selection of injection machine: The clamping force, injection pressure, and injection volume of different injection machines have a great influence on the determination of the number of cavities.

    Most of the molds are the same. For plastic dustbin mould , the dimensions and injection machine are also the same.