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Convenient Function Of Auto Reflective Part Mold

  • There are many parts in cars, including mirrors, and mirrors are still used in cars. But I don’t know if everyone knows that car mirrors are made by auto reflective part mold .

    The reflector is suitable for convenience stores, supermarkets, the road turns, factories, and parking lots at any right angle. It is not easy to wear, protects from sunlight and ultraviolet rays, and has lasting durability. Sturdy, durable, and shatterproof. The mirror image is clear, clear, and easy to install. The mirror body is light, safe, and reliable. Just use a soft cloth or sponge and warm water to clean it gently. Mirror material: imported PC or acrylic, 304# stainless steel material. Mirror back material: high-quality plastic or aging-resistant glass steel, galvanized steel plate.

    When driving, we will often change lanes from left to right according to road conditions. When preparing to change lanes, turn on the turn signal in advance, then observe the situation of the vehicles behind you through the rearview mirror of the car, and change lanes after confirming that it is safe. But at this time, many people will ignore the situation of the car behind. At this time, the center rearview mirror can see whether the rear vehicle has turned on the turn signal or has the intention of changing lanes.

    With the reflector, the safety aspect will indeed be improved a lot. The role of auto radiator tank plastic mould is also for cars.