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Classification of Electrical Appliances


    Electrical appliances generally refer to all appliances that use electricity. From a professional point of view, it mainly refers to the connection and disconnection of circuits, and the transformation of circuit parameters to realize the control and adjustment of circuits or electrical equipment. Switching, testing , and protection of electrical equipment, equipment, and components. People's lives are getting better and better, and more and more types of home appliances are used. Therefore, electrical appliance mould is getting more and more attention.

    Electrical appliances are not only classified in many ways, but also in many ways. They can be classified in terms of function, principle, use, etc. Only from the functional classification, it can be breaking divided into electrical appliances for making and circuits, electrical appliances for controlling circuits, electrical appliances for switching circuits, electrical appliances for detecting circuit coefficients, electrical appliances for protecting circuits, etc.

    However, in general, electrical appliances can also be classified as household products, and plastic chair injection mould can also be classified as household products, so although the classification of electrical appliances is broad, the definition of household products seems to be broader.

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