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Application of Plastic Electrical Appliance Mould

  • Household appliances are a major application area of ​​injection molded products. Almost all household appliances use plastics, but different types of plastics are used in different appliances. For specific plastics, please see the introduction below:

    Plastics for household appliances and TV housings have undergone the development process from ABS to HIPS and modified PP. At present, large-scale TV housings use ABS, small TV housings use modified PP, and medium-sized TV housings use modified PP. Modified PP, HIPS, ABS three materials are all selected.

    The plastic parts used in refrigerators include liner, door lining, door sash, top frame, sealing strip, handle and heat insulation strip, etc. The amount used has accounted for 40-45% of the weight of the refrigerator. The main plastics involved are ABS, HIPS, PP, PE, PVC and PU, etc.

    Except for power components, outdoor cabinets and fixed plates, air conditioners are almost all made of plastic. The use of plastics accounts for 20-30%. The main varieties involved are PS, PP, ABS, and ABS.

    The plastics used in the furniture in the bedroom are mainly PVC and PP;

    Computers and their accessories commonly used in modern offices and homes use enough plastic. The commonly used plastics for its keyboards are ABS, HIPS, and PBT; PVC is used as an insulating material for connecting wires and connectors;

    The display uses ABS, HIPS, modified PP, PVC/ABS alloy; the shell of the laptop computer is made of PC/ABS alloy.

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