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Installation points of modern bathroom cabinets

  • Precautions and maintenance of modern bathroom cabinets: 1. Keep the bathroom air circulating, dry the cabinet body, and extend the service life. Avoid spraying, and wipe dry with a cloth in time if there are water drops. 2. When assembling, please don't touch the cabinet mirror to the ground, and put soft objects on it to avoid injury. 3. During the assembly process, pay attention to prevent metal objects such as screwdrivers from shorting the surface of the plate.

    The installation points of modern bathroom cabinets: into the wall design, metal legs, waterproof materials, rubber edges, Waterproof aluminum foil.

    Tips for purchasing bathroom cabinets: 1. When choosing bathroom cabinets, it is best to choose wall-mounted, taller cabinet legs or wheels to effectively isolate the ground moisture. 2. When buying, you should also know whether all the metal parts are stainless steel with moisture-proof treatment or special aluminum products for the bath cabinet, so that the moisture resistance can be guaranteed. 3. Carefully check the opening of the bathroom cabinet hinge. If the opening degree reaches 180 degrees, it will be more convenient to pick and place items. The more precise the hinge, the tighter the cabinet door will be, and the less likely it is for dust to enter.

    Hangzhou Haosen Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. is one of the bathroom cabinet suppliers. Compared with traditional bathroom cabinets, the overall bathroom cabinet layout is more compact and the design emphasizes more ergonomics. The fragmented functions are combined into a usable whole, which is pleasing to the eye after being placed. Most of his bathroom cabinets follow a simple style, which is closely related to the current cultural atmosphere. We may have such a consensus that when many objects are integrated into one, it will feel very spectacular. The same is true for the overall bathroom cabinet.