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Brief introduction of bathroom basin cabinet

  • Bathroom washbasin cabinet: a kind of sanitary ware, a porcelain basin used for washing face and hands in the bathroom. Counter basins are divided into two types: above counter basin and under counter basin. This is not a difference in the basin itself, but a difference in installation.

    Type characteristics:

    1. Ceramic washbasin: It is the most commonly used material. 2. Stainless steel: polished stainless steel and modern electroplating faucets are extremely equipped, but the surface of the mirror is easy to scratch, so for users who use it frequently, you may wish to buy polished stainless steel. 3. Polished brass: In order to avoid fading, the brass needs to be polished, with a protective layer painted on the surface, scratch-resistant and waterproof. Just use a soft cloth and a non-abrasive detergent to keep it clean.

    The bathroom is the most private space in the home, but the basin seems inconspicuous in this space. It does not occupy a large area and has a single function. In fact, the basin has a great influence on our mood. In the morning, it starts to be fresh and happy. To wash away your tiredness and relax your mind and body at night, so choosing a suitable basin is an important part of the bathroom.

    The glaze is good or bad, because a good glaze is not dirty, the surface is easy to clean, and it is still bright as new after long-term use. When choosing, you can choose a good one.

    1. Look at the light and observe from the side of the ceramic from multiple angles. A good glaze should be free of stains, pinholes, blisters and bubbles, and the surface is very smooth; the reflectivity to light is good and uniform.
    2. Touch the surface with your hand lightly, the hand feeling is very smooth and delicate; you can also touch the back, there should be a slight friction of "sand".
    3. Knock the surface with your hand, the sound produced by a good ceramic material is very crisp.

    The improvement of our living standards and the improvement of our environmental awareness, in terms of the bathroom washbasin cabinet commonly used in our daily lives, we require its materials to be environmentally friendly and water-saving. Businesses should also gradually improve in accordance with the development of the trend. The future development of water-saving basins is a major trend.