How to place the bathroom LED mirror cabinet

  • Bathroom led mirror cabinets are a kind of home interior decoration bathroom building materials. Oak is waterproof and moisture-proof. You can't wash it with water. You can wipe it gently with a slightly damp soft cloth. You can use a neutral detergent or toothpaste instead of metal wire, scouring pad, or strong chemicals.

    Some cleaning supplies are often placed on the bathroom cabinet, and it is best to clean up the discharged detergent immediately to avoid chemical effects on the paint surface and cause corrosion. Keep the cabinet dry at ordinary times to prolong its service life and avoid water splashing. If there is water droplets, wipe it dry with a cloth in time. Prevent collisions and scratches from hard objects. Do not put over-cold or overheated products directly on the surface of the furniture at ordinary times, and do not install sharp and rough bottom items directly on the surface of the furniture, and do not put organic solutions directly on the surface of the furniture.

    Bathroom led mirror cabinets products are mainly used in commercial lighting, office lighting and home lighting. At present, the company’s LED lighting products are mainly panel lights. Panel lights have the advantages of uniform lighting, soft and comfortable, clean and bright, anti-mosquito, smoke-proof, anti-fog and easy-to-clean. Its modeling technology is stylish, simple and easy to clean. It is integrated with the ceiling module, so it has obvious application advantages in commercial, office, household kitchen and bathroom fields.