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7 tips to let you say goodbye to cluttered bathrooms


    When decorating a house, many people tend to overlook the layout of the bathroom. After moving in for a period of time, the bathroom cabinet in the bathroom will be full of various items. In fact, the problem of too much debris in the bathroom can be solved, especially for small-sized bathrooms, you can use these 7 tips.

    If your bathroom space is small and you want a more concise style, you can use a wrought iron shelf with a basin. The wrought iron shelf below is equipped with a layer board, which can be used to store some bath products and towels.

    There are generally two ways for bathroom cabinets, one is traditional floor-to-ceiling, and the other is wall-mounted. Traditional floor-standing bathroom cabinets can be equipped with multiple drawers to store various items. The wall-mounted bathroom cabinet can also be equipped with 2 drawers, which is very convenient for cleaning and storage.

    In addition to matching drawers, bathroom cabinets can also be used with pull baskets to store various small items, which can increase a lot of storage space.

    If your bathroom cabinet does not have drawers or pull baskets, you can also use storage boxes for sorting and storage later, which will also look neat. Labels are attached to the storage boxes to make it more convenient to take things.

    If your bathroom cabinet has a larger space, you can reserve width of 300-400mm to customize a tall cabinet. The tall cabinet can have a lot of storage space. For example, spare shampoo and cosmetics can be stored here.

    If you want to increase the storage space of the bathroom, you can install a mirror cabinet with a storage function. You can also use some storage hooks on the door of the mirror cabinet to hold small items such as toothbrushes. The mirror cabinet is used to store various bottles and cans. , Then the countertop of the bathroom cabinet will look clean and tidy.

    If you don’t want to put the washing machine on the balcony, you can also insert the washing machine under the bathroom cabinet, so that the drain and the water inlet are easy to solve, so that after the shower, it is more convenient to wash clothes, and you can directly save it. Room for dirty clothes hamper.

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