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How to solve the problem of damp and rusty bathroom cabinets?


    The bathroom is the space with the most personality potential in the family, but it has been buried in the shadow of the living room and bedroom for a long time and is not taken seriously. People often take showers and wash their faces in the bathroom, so that more water will accumulate on the ground, so the moisture on the ground is also relatively high.

    Then, when choosing the feet of the bathroom cabinet, you must consider the issue of waterproofing to prevent the cabinet legs from getting damp. Wooden cabinet legs are easy to be damp, and the use time will be greatly shortened while choosing metal feet can effectively prevent moisture. In addition, aluminum feet are also a good choice. This material can prevent the feet from getting rusty.

    We can also choose a built-in cabinet to use the space on the upper floor of the bathroom to effectively prevent the cabinet from directly contacting the ground and effectively prevent the cabinet from being affected by ground moisture.

    Solid wood materials give people a very simple and heavy feeling. Many people like to choose solid wood materials when choosing bathroom cabinets. However, solid wood products are easily affected by moisture and deformable by water absorption. Therefore, solid wood bathroom cabinets have very demanding requirements for the surrounding environment.

    Nowadays, the bathroom area of many families is limited, and it is difficult to achieve dry and wet partitioning. Therefore, you can choose materials with good moisture-proof effects to make bathroom cabinets. Very good, and these materials can also simulate the color of solid wood, which is a good choice for consumers.

    In addition, it should be noted that in order to better block moisture, you can choose to wrap the edge of the cabinet with rubber strips, which can also prevent collisions and avoid unnecessary sounds when the cabinet doors are opened and closed.

    In order to prevent the water vapor generated by the basin or faucet from flowing into the cabinet after being cooled by the hot air, which affects the use of the bathroom cabinet, you can choose to coat the bottom of the bathroom cabinet with waterproof aluminum foil, which can be well waterproof and prevent the cabinet from becoming moldy and deformed.

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