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What types of bathroom cabinet materials are there?


    As the bathroom is a place that deals with water all the year round, humidity is inevitable, and there are many particularities in the choice of bathroom cabinet materials.

    1. PVC

    The pvc bathroom cabinet is made of polyvinyl chloride as raw materials, with strong waterproof performance and durability. The pvc material is rich in colors and styles, and the price is relatively cheap.

    However, the pvc material made of chemical board contains more harmful substances, and it is easy to emit toxicity when encountering high temperature. Families with the elderly, pregnant women, and children should choose carefully.

    2. Solid wood

    Solid wood bathroom cabinets use solid wood as the base material, with natural texture, online appearance, and relatively high price.

    However, solid wood furniture is susceptible to moisture, so be sure to understand its factory moisture content (national standard 3.0%~10%) before buying, and pay attention to daily maintenance during use.

    3. The board is laminated

    Sheet-laminated bathroom cabinets generally use particle board, multilayer board, etc. as the base material, and then use solid wood veneer to paste as a whole, and finally apply waterproof paint on the surface. The price is affordable and suitable for families with a small budget. However, there is also a risk of cracking in the laminate skin. If the pasting process or bonding material is not closed, it will easily affect the waterproof effect.

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