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What details should be paid attention to for LED bathroom mirro


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    The LED mirror cabinet is a mirror cabinet with LED light strips for the bathroom. From the overall space of the bathroom, it is essential to reserve a sundries cabinet that can put all kinds of toiletries, so as to ensure the entire bathroom space. It is clean and tidy, and it is also convenient for daily use, especially in the era of high housing prices. Saving space is making money.

    I personally think that the purchase of LED mirror cabinets must emphasize pertinence and effectiveness. This is because the size and door opening method of LED mirror cabinets are often inconsistent with the layout and equipment layout in the bathroom. Therefore, both the style and the size must be matched, and the price is right. , We must pay attention to the details:

    1) The LED mirror cabinet has a thickness and takes up a certain amount of space, so the LED mirror cabinet should not be too thick, otherwise it is easy to hit when you lower your head and wash your face. The thickness is generally within 15cm, which means that a basin with a depth of 48cm will not meet.

    2) When the door of the LED mirror cabinet is opened, is there any conflict with the towel rack, glass partition, switch socket, etc. next to it?

    3) The unit price is higher, much more expensive than a single mirror.

    4) Pay attention to the waterproof performance of the material to avoid dampness, mildew, and rust.

    Generally, the installation size of the LED mirror cabinet is that the bottom edge of the mirror is at least 135cm from the ground. The actual actual size is that a person stands in front of the LED mirror cabinet with his head in the middle of the mirror, so that the imaging effect is more suitable. The two sides of the LED mirror cabinet are retracted. 50-100mm, it can be adjusted flexibly according to the height gap between family members. At the same time, the editor believes that the toilet space is not large, and it should be visually refreshing.

    In daily use, in addition to washing your face and bathing, more often it is to wash your hands and use sanitary ware. Both of these do not require high lighting. Therefore, it is not necessary to have white and dazzling lights every time you enter the bathroom. It is recommended to set up an ambient light in the area near the LED mirror cabinet. The ambient light can be the light strip behind the LED mirror cabinet, the small spotlight on the top of the LED mirror cabinet, the spotlight on the sanitary ware, and the footline light strip on the basin cabinet, so that it feels high-end and avoids the backlight when washing your face and brushing your teeth. Meet the demand for light.

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