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What is the choice of bathroom countertop material?


    The bathroom cabinet is the only storage cabinet in the entire small bathroom. Therefore, a good design of the wash basin and wall cabinet combination of the bathroom cabinet is the key to keeping the bathroom simple and comfortable. Here are some tips on the design and purchase of the bathroom cabinet:

    1. Size reservation

    Generally, it takes about one month to customize the wash basin. If you wait for the decoration and then place an order, the progress of the decoration will be much slower. Therefore, the wash basin is generally reserved in size during the preliminary design. This is done during the decoration and construction. Strictly control the size! Especially when there are walls on the left and right sides of the wash basin, the reserved size must be controlled! For example, a fan told me before: "His family reserved a wash basin of 80cm, but the width of the tile is only 79cm after the tiles are attached, and the wash basin has already been ordered for 80cm, which is embarrassing!"

    2. Wall-mounted or floor-standing wash basin cabinet

    The wash basin has wall-mounted and floor-standing models. The wall-mounted wash basin will not have dead corners in the bathroom, making it easier to take care of; and the space under the basin cabinet is also more convenient to use.

    However, when installing wall-mounted washbasin cabinets, the basic conditions for installing the wall should be considered. The countertop of the washbasin and the cabinet body add up to several tens of kilograms. The basin is filled with water, and the cabinet may be more than one hundred kilograms of things in the cabinet. Hanging installation On the wall, this requires the wall to be a solid wall. If there is a hollow brick wall, there will be safety hazards. It is recommended to choose a floor cabinet.

    3. Countertop material

    When choosing the material of the basin, three issues are mainly considered:

    Can you take care of it?

    Will it bleed?

    Is the hardness high?

    Common vanity countertops are marble, artificial stone and ceramics. In terms of cost and effect, they are all marble>artificial stone>ceramics. In addition, there are some more unique materials. For example, the wash basin chosen by my sister’s house is the Abisko series of Sambar. This basin is made of refined aluminum and stone, with a unique texture and an integrated design of the basin. The simplicity is perfect, and there is no sanitary dead corner between the countertop and the sink.

    4. Bathroom cabinet sheet

    The custom cabinets are made of solid wood, multi-layer solid wood and particle board. The bathroom space is relatively humid. The particle board is basically scrapped when exposed to water. If it is all solid wood, rainwater is easy to swell. Therefore, it is recommended to choose multilayer solid wood for bathroom cabinets. The board is more durable.

    The surface treatment process of the cabinet is also divided into baking paint board and paint-free board. Generally, baking paint is more expensive than paint-free board. The paint-free board tests the edge banding process, which is more cost-effective; while the baking varnish board tests the paint process, the effect is more textured, and you can choose according to your needs.

    In terms of environmental protection, it is generally no problem to use multi-layer solid wood panels above E1. However, it is not enough to meet the standard of the board. Details such as the paint of the cabinet door and the edge-sealing process of the board have a great relationship with environmental protection, but they are all hidden costs, and you get what you pay for.

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