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Choose wash basin bathroom cabinet according to bathroom space


    After you buy some pretty wash basins, you need to install them if they can be used normally. The bathroom is one of the indispensable rooms in every family. Each bathroom has a washbasin and washbasin. The installation of the washbasin is very important for future use, such as improper installation, water leakage and water seepage will occur in the future, so be careful when installing the washbasin. So how to install the washbasin? Let's take a look with the editor below.

    How to install the washbasin?

    1. Reserve the drainage pipeline first and install the steel bracket;

    2. Polish the openings on the table according to the cutting diagram, and cut the faucet mounting holes;

    3. Put the washbasin on the opened countertop and make a mark;

    4. After the verification is completed, put the washbasin flat, connect the washbasin and the countertop tightly, and seal the edge with silica gel;

    5. Install the upper and lower hardware after gluing the edge of the undercounter basin;

    6. After the seal is dry, connect the inlet and outlet pipe fittings.

    What are the precautions for installing the washbasin?

    1. Regardless of whether it is a desktop washbasin or a free-standing washbasin, the height of its pool surface and countertop should be appropriate, and the height should be between 80 and 85 cm. If the height is set too low, the user must often bend over during use, which may cause back pain.

    2. If the space of the bathroom is not large enough, you can choose to install a freestanding washbasin, because the freestanding washbasin not only has a small footprint, but also has a beautiful appearance and is easy to repair. But the free-standing washbasin should be equipped with a shower rack or mirror box, so that it is convenient to put some cosmetics and washing supplies. The table-top washbasin occupies a relatively large space and needs space for a small desk, but its countertop can be used to store toiletries, and the cabinet below can also store sundries.

    3. The rim of the washbasin should be higher than the countertop, and their connecting parts should be smoother, so that it is easy to clean the water stains on it. Secondly, in order to prevent bumps, the material can be a smooth surface material, and the countertop should be rounded corners. The smooth washbasin is not easy to absorb dirty things, which can reduce the cleaning pressure.

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