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LED greatly enhances the application range of glass

  • Photoelectric glass is composed of conductive glass, laser etched circuit, Led chipset, PVB glue and panel glass. Light transmittance is it's characteristic. Because of its beautiful and generous surface, it uses glass, showcases and other carriers to display commercial advertising information to users. Recommended products, full of sense of science and technology, suitable for large and medium-sized city square lighting projects, glass curtain walls, etc. LED photoelectric glass uses unique and innovative technology to embed the LED light source into the glass, so that photoelectric technology and traditional glass are integrated, which not only retains the light transmission characteristics of the glass but also displays animations and various dazzling colors, which greatly improves the glass The scope of application.

    The functional characteristics of LED photoelectric glass:

    1. Energy saving and environmental protection

    It has the mechanical strength of architectural laminated glass, high permeability, heat insulation, explosion-proof, UV protection and so on. And there is no wastewater, waste gas, or waste discharge during the production process.

    2. Media communication

    The media attributes of LED photoelectric glass products can help owners and settled businesses to promote their brands, display celebration activities, enhance cultural media attributes, and the audience's sense of interaction and participation.

    3. Landscape integration

    Creative videos can be designed according to the architectural style, forming an overall style between the building itself and the surrounding landscape, expressing the artistry of the building itself and the culture of the overall building group, so as to achieve the perfect integration of architectural technology and humanities.

    4. Interaction and participation

    LED photoelectric glass can be combined with mobile internet technology to become a platform for brands and consumers to participate and interact. Experience highly intelligent digital games with the help of electronic devices. Let customers "play" to meet consumer entertainment and experience attributes.

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