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Hex Bolt Manufacturers Introduces The Related Knowledge Of Comb


    Hex Bolt Manufacturers introduced that the combined screws are widely used. The structure of the combined screw is that one screw is equipped with only one elastic pad or one flat washer, or it can be equipped with two components with only one spline. Such a combination screw is still very firm when fixing objects, and the object fixed by the combination screw is not easy to fall off slowly due to vibration. Combination screws are widely used in many countries in the world, so in different countries, there will be different schemes for the classification of strength levels, but their materials are mainly steel and stainless steel. The combination screw is a special type of screw, but it is different in comparison. Let's take a look at the purpose of combined screws.

    High-strength large hexagon head bolt combination screws for steel structures are mainly used in railways, highway bridges, boiler steel structures, industrial plants, high-rise civil buildings, tower mast structures, cranes and steel structures that require friction-type high-strength bolt combination screws . It is characterized by a dodecahedron at the end of the bolt. Generally speaking, combination screws are widely used in electrical, electrical, mechanical, electronic, household appliances, furniture, ships and other fields. But it is said that different combination screws have different functions. For example, cross-head combination screws are generally used for small electronic products, larger cross-outer hexagonal combination screws are used for larger electrical products, such as inverters, and many cross-outer hexagonal combination screws are used for larger inverters. For example, two combination screws with flower teeth, this is used on the inverter, the function is to break the paint, so that all the two combination screws on the chassis panel are energized. There are also two combination screws, such as a square crimping wire, which is a pan-head screw with a square pad, which is generally used on terminal blocks for wiring and crimping.

    The quality of the combined screw has a great relationship with the manufacturer. The first key to determining the quality of the combined screw is the wire of the screw. If the quality of the wire is not good, then even if the advanced production equipment is used, the staff’s skills are no matter how good they are, and they want to produce It is also difficult to produce a combination screw with excellent quality. The quality of the combined screw product is also closely related to its overall appearance. The better the appearance, the better the quality of the screw, and the thread of the screw needs to be tested to determine whether it can pass the rules and so on. Relatively good combination screws, the overall standard not only can meet customer requirements, but also should meet national standards. Finally, look at the quality of composite screws. Since iron composite screws need to be electroplated, and stainless steel composite screws are not required, the plating color is very important. Some electroplating colors of the combined screws are not well controlled, which will produce a large color difference.

    Compared with ordinary screws, combined screws have many differences in addition to their use and mechanical properties. Combination screws have more components than ordinary screws and have better performance, but ordinary screws are widely used in industry, and combined screws are used in specific environments.

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