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China Hex Bolt Manufacturers Introduces The Rust Removal Detail


    In the processing of stud products, it is necessary to chemically clean the oxide and deteriorated rust on the surface of the stud, so that the surface of the stud is exposed to the root of the ordinary stud. In this case, it can effectively improve plating, surface phosphate treatment, oxidation (black and blue), stretching treatment, calendering treatment, calendering treatment, anti-rust treatment and other treatments. In daily life, chemical rust removal is the method we need to use: rust removal. Although hydrochloric acid can quickly remove rust, it is also widely used because it is important to use it at room temperature. However, in actual operation, the descaling of hydrochloric acid can cause "excessive corrosion" and "hydrogen embrittlement", and it is easy to release a large amount of acid mist, thereby causing specific environmental pollution and social harm.
    Faced with this display situation, China Hex Bolt Manufacturers introduces the correct rust removal method:
    1. Most of the media we use have the functions of penetration, dissolution, dispersion, crust peeling and rusting.
    2. In this case, the quality of hydrochloric acid for descaling is good. The rust removal quality meets or exceeds the Swedish anti-corrosion standards.
    3. Excellent anti-corrosion and anti-fog effects. In addition, since various additives are contained in the anti-rust agent and anti-fogging agent, they will have a chemical effect, so the studs will not be excessively corroded or hydrogen embrittlement during the rust removal process. There are also related data showing that the standard content of acid mist in chemicals is lower than the concentration specified in the country, which helps the subsequent treatment and rust removal effect.

    Through the above introduction, China Stud Bolt Supplier hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.