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Where can seamless pipes be used?


    Because stainless steel seamless pipes can reduce the risk of impurities, improve corrosion resistance, and reduce installation costs in many applications, they have become the preferred pipe fittings in extreme environments.

    In the oil and gas industry, seamless pipes are mainly used for control pipelines, chemical reagent injection pipelines and subsea safety valves. In the chemical process and instrumentation industry, there are also many places where seam pipes are used, including steam tracing tube bundles, flow measurement and sensing, and liquid and gas transmission applications.

    Given that current manufacturers need to process smaller samples at higher speeds, small diameter tubes are a reliable choice for GC and HPLC equipment. Stainless steel seamless ultra-thin tubes can be used to detect many such high-precision systems.

    New applications for seamless pipes include compressed natural gas delivery sites for vehicle refueling and hydrogen delivery sites for material transportation. In such applications, because the seamless pipe does not need to use multiple accessories, it can save time and labor. Seamless pipes are also used in other industries, such as aerospace, defense, alternative energy, shipbuilding, and healthcare.

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