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What is the correct solution treatment system for austenitic st


    Austenitic stainless steel can produce castings. In order to improve the fluidity of molten steel and improve casting performance, the alloy composition of the cast steel should be adjusted. Increase the silicon content, widen the range of chromium and nickel content, and increase the upper limit of the impurity element sulfur.

    Austenitic stainless steel should be solid-solution treated before use, so as to maximize the solid solution of various precipitates such as carbides in the steel into the austenite matrix, while also homogenizing the structure and eliminating stress, so as to ensure excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. The correct solution treatment system is water cooling after heating at 1050~1150℃. The solution treatment temperature depends on the degree of alloying of the steel. The grades of molybdenum-free or low-molybdenum steels should be lower (≤1100℃), and higher alloyed grades such as 00Cr20Ni18Mo-6CuN, 00Cr25Ni22Mo2N, etc. should be higher (1080~1150) ℃).

    Advanced technologies are widely used in production, such as the refining rate outside the furnace reaches more than 95%, the continuous casting ratio exceeds 80%, and the high-speed rolling mills and precision and fast forging machines are widely promoted. Especially in the smelting and processing process, electronic computer control is realized to ensure the reliability and stability of the product quality and performance.

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