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About Classification Of Alloy Steel Seamless Pipe

  • Alloy Steel Seamless Pipe is a kind of lightweight steel pipe. It is widely used in industry. It can transport almost all kinds of materials. Different types of materials are transported. I believe that many friends do not know Alloy Steel Seamless Pipe. So let’s talk about it today. Say the classification of Alloy Steel Seamless Pipe.

    Seamless steel pipes for high-pressure boilers: Mainly used for high-temperature and high-pressure conveying fluid headers and pipelines in power plants and nuclear power plants. Representative materials are 20G, 12Cr1MoVG, 15CrMoG, etc.

    Carbon steel and carbon-manganese steel seamless steel pipes for ships: mainly used for I and II pressure pipes for ship boilers and superheaters. Representative materials are 360, 410, 460 steel grades, etc.

    Cold-drawn or cold-rolled precision seamless steel pipes: mainly used for steel pipes for mechanical structures and carbon pressure equipment that require high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish. Its representative materials are 20, 45 steel, etc.

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