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Christmas Wooden Pendant Hanging In The Heart


    Do-it-yourself create creative works, hand-made exchanges and sharing, if you like, please continue reading,
    A small DIY pendant with small leaf red sandalwood corners, hand-carved with a bat and money pattern, symbolizing good fortune.
    Hand-crafted, engrave the word you want to read into the wood, hang it on your chest, and print it on your heart.
    Ebony wood is carved, drilled, polished, and worn with silver chains.
    As a pendant, it is quite coordinated to wear on the chest.
    Finally, one of the items in the to-do list can be crossed out.
    Ebony wood seal pendant, whether it is square or round, has a diameter of about 9mm and a length of about 39mm, which implies a longevity.
    This scale ratio is also the most coordinated ratio after I have done many samples, whether it is a small seal or a pendant.
    A seal can only engrave one character, Zhu Wen (yang engraved). The font is also the best font that I have used after many tests, and I will not accept any unconstrained font requirements from guests.
    The necklace is made of 925 sterling silver, the longest length is about 46cm, and the wearing length can be adjusted.
    Small pieces of jewelry are often more time-consuming in detail than large ones, and the production time is about 3-5 days.
    Of course, various "contracts" are indispensable in life. At this time, the pendant on the neck comes in handy.
    For most people, the seal is not enough, but the holiday wooden pendant is indeed the best choice for gifts. If you reduce a person to one word, it must be him (she) most in your heart. The syllable not to go. We carved this syllable into wood and made it into an accessory so that you can wear it on your body at any time to nourish it with body temperature. There are many types of our Christmas wooden pendants, and now there are several kinds of things on the market, such as oak, walnut, cherry, ash, maple, etc., depending on what color you like, each type of wood There is a certain gap between the prices of different densities, and many solid wood furniture are actually veneer, only part of the load-bearing position is solid wood. Choose a good solid wood furniture first to see its workmanship, whether the gaps are seamless, and the wood grain is organized. Whether it is clear or not, wood is scarred. Don't feel bad because of scarring. This is the first choice because it shows that the material is natural. Many solid woods are also in the form of wood grain parquet, which requires higher craftsmanship and material selection, and the price is more expensive. As for the brand, Taizhou Huangyan Classical Handicraft Factory is also very good. If you are interested, you can click Christmas wooden pendant to consult.