Wooden Crafts For Kids Enhance The Learning Atmosphere


    A children's library in Mexico was rebuilt from an old warehouse. The entire design of the library did not reduce the original industrial temperament because the users were children, but enhanced it to another extent.

    In the interior design of the children's library, the rose-red roof and blue pipe lines make the children entering the library shine, and also increase the modern sense of the space. At the same time, the exposed steel brackets on the roof, blue brick walls, old wooden doors and grey carpets fully preserve the industrial and historical sense of the space, while maintaining the seriousness and quietness of the library. The wooden crafts for kids placed around add some youthful vitality and vigor to the library.

    The reading platform in the site simulates the terrain of Monterrey’s mountains. The bookshelves are no longer just storage functions. Soft carpets are laid on the ground and mountain-shaped bookshelves. Children can sit on the top of the mountain, lean on the slope, or sit. Under the mountain, play and learn.

    Bright colors and rich geometric figures collide with industrial buildings and wooden crafts for kids, providing children with a comfortable reading space and inspiring children's imagination.