Holiday Decorations Wholesale----How To Decorate Your Home


    2020 is coming to an end, and 2021 is about to usher in new hope. Before starting a new life in 2021, the first day to live is New Year's Day.
    Are you ready to decorate your home beautifully on New Year's Day and welcome 2021! For this reason, the Lanzhou Decoration Jincheng Family Decoration has collected the necessary decorations for the New Year's Day decoration!
    New Year's Day Decoration Stickers
    1. Traditional font paper cutting
    New year blessings are indispensable. The traditional red paper-cuts are full of blessings. The round paper-cuts with the words "Happy New Year", "Congratulations on the New Year" and "Jinzhu Nafu" signify a happy new year!
    The font adopts one-piece design, full of artistic sense! Decoration indoors is a unique scenery!
    2. Winter plum paper cutting
    Wintersweet is very beautiful in winter, if you don't have it at home. Why not put on a pair of white plum stickers, the red plum blossoming "Zhengsheng". Floating petals fell on the windows, and Chinese lanterns were hung from the winter plum branches. "Smooth sailing, peace in the four seasons", "Fruit harvest, lucky in all directions", New Year's blessings overflowed on the window
    3. Zodiac paper cut
    Say goodbye to 2020, we will usher in 2021. Zodiac stickers with Chinese characteristics bring a playful festive atmosphere. Just look at the screen and feel full of joy! Red snowflakes, red blessing "Happy New Year"!
    In the days when the snowflakes are flying, the Chinese red zodiac paper-cut will bring you the blessing of the New Year in 2021. Said: Happy new year!
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