Great Gift---Christmas Wooden Pendant


    If you are looking for Christmas themed activities for Sunday schools, Bible schools, or any other religious groups, there are many interesting handicrafts you can try! These are some of our favorite items, which can be used throughout the year and can be personalized on any holiday.
    Cross box
    Our paper portable paper cross boxes are great gifts for Christmas and can be used as souvenirs. Paint them with red, green and gold acrylic paints with different designs. You can mix and match the colors of the lid and the box. Add sequins, such as snowflakes or stars. For color boxes, we paint the lid black, and then use glitter glue to draw horizontal lines on the lid. Slide the toothpick up and down on the lid to apply the glitter glue in interesting patterns. Then paint gold on both sides. You can also cut paper with decorative holiday paper.
    This is one of our favorite Christian crafts all the time. Using our wooden starry sky hangers, you can make this baby Jesus a manger decoration. Paint the hanger white-it may take several coats. Then draw the little Jesus with a pencil, and then draw his face and blanket. For the manger, you can paint it brown, use jute or make the adhesive of construction paper and cardboard boxes into a 3D appearance. We also painted the outer part of the star yellow. Write "Worship Him" ​​on it with paint or a marker. You can relate it to the song "O Come Let's Worship Him" ​​and discuss the importance of faith and Jesus for Christmas.
    Our angel bead decoration Christmas wooden pendant comes from 24 projects. Angels are very small with small beads, so they are best for people over 8 years old. This is a very cute Christmas craft-her wings are beads of leaves and her body is the heart. It can be used as a guardian angel all year round! These instructions show the photos step by step, very clear and easy to follow.
    Our angel beads Christmas wooden pendant is also the perfect holiday activity. Mix crystal beads and shiny metal together to create 6 angel wood pendants.
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