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    Before installing the door hinge, you should carefully check whether the door hinge matches the door frame and fan, and check whether the door hinge slot matches the height, width, and thickness of the hinge. Check the screws and fasteners connected to the door hinge. Whether it is matched or not. The following is introduced by door hinge manufacturer:
    The hinge is connected by two pieces of iron, which are connected by an iron bar through machining. The two iron pieces can be moved freely. Punch holes on the two pieces of iron. One is fixed on the door of the closet, and one is fixed on the side of the closet, so that the closet can be opened and closed freely. Go to the nearby shop for building materials and buy or buy some good quality white latex-note that it is white latex used for dipping wood materials, and then drip it into the screw holes to fill them up.
    Then use a small soft (such as cedar) wooden stick to cut it slightly thicker than the hole, and smash it into the hole. After a night, make it as flat as the wooden board, and then fix the screw according to the original shape. That's it.
       Installation of window handles
    The aluminum alloy handle of the UV door is generally fixed by screw connection. Use a pistol drill to make a hole on the door panel, and then use a screwdriver to tighten the screw with the aluminum alloy handle. The tools required are a pistol drill and a screwdriver. Note that the size of the pistol drill bit is installed according to the size of the screw connecting the aluminum alloy handle.
    The aluminum edge of the UV door is made by machine slotting on the side of the board, and then glued. This needs to be processed in the factory. If you manually slot the side of the UV board, it is difficult to control the distance, depth, Keep straight and other factors.

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