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Precautions when modifying natural gas vehicles


    At present, the technical reasons for changing diesel oil to gas are still immature and cannot be changed. Due to the model, the direct injection of gasoline vehicles cannot be changed. Cars that are in bad condition and have a long life are not suitable for changing the oil to gas. It is difficult to guarantee the effect of the modification after this kind of car is modified.

    1. Pay attention to the location of the refitting factory. Small and remote factories are naturally inadequate.

    2. Pay attention to the scale and appearance of the refitting factory, and understand its information when choosing a refitting factory.

    3. Pay attention to the storage of products in the warehouse. If the product quantity is small and the variety is small, it is difficult to match the modified vehicle, and it is difficult to achieve a good modification effect.

    4. Pay attention to the modification technology.

    5. Pay attention to the modification service. In order to achieve good results and achieve a good price/performance ratio, it is necessary to carry out product matching.

    6. In addition to talking about the performance of various modification kits, gas cylinders are an important part of safety. It depends on whether there are horizontal lines on the outer winding layer of the cylinder. A cylinder with horizontal lines has potential safety hazards, and ring lines are normal. It depends on whether there are scratches on the outer layer of the gas cylinder. The scratched gas cylinder damages the fiber winding layer, which affects the safe use of the gas cylinder.

    7. See if the production date of the cylinder is the most recent.

    8. Look at the amount of cylinder insurance. The price of gas cylinders seriously affects the price of refitting. The gas cylinder manufacturer with the largest scale and the highest insurance amount should be selected as the partner.

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