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The benefits of liquefied natural gas as a vehicle fuel


    The car is converted to natural gas LNG, and the natural gas used in the vehicle has been cooled to a cryogenic liquid between -160 to -128°C, and the pressure is 50 to 150. There are insulated and vacuum double-walled containers in the annular space for storing liquefied natural gas to help maintain temperature.

    Liquefied natural gas storage tanks can hold 2 to 3 times the amount of natural gas per unit volume while reducing the cost per kilometer by nearly 1.5 times. Before the natural gas enters the engine, the LNG is converted into natural gas through the regasification system

    Due to its high energy density, LNG is more suitable for long-distance transportation, such as garbage trucks, buses and trains.

    Over time, due to the transfer of outside temperature, part of the liquefied natural gas in the storage tank will evaporate. Long-distance buses will be affected by the evaporation effect to a lesser extent, and the existence of a technical management system can reduce this problem, but this will lead to an increase in the total weight of the system. This evaporation problem makes LNG unsuitable for ordinary passenger cars.

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