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The use of CNG and LPG as automobile fuel


    Both LPG and CNG are extremely versatile, cheap and sustainable fuels.

    LPG is a naturally occurring by-product of natural gas extraction or an automatic result of the oil refining process, consisting of either propane, butane or a mixture of the two. Known also as Autogas, Propane, Propane Autogas, GPL and GLP, LPG is the third most used motor fuel in the world. An estimated 23 million vehicles run on LPG globally. At normal pressure and temperature, LPG exists as a gas. When it is put under pressure or cooled, however, it condenses into a liquid state, reducing to 1/250 of its original volume. This means that it is easy to transport high amounts of energy in small amounts of space.

    CNG, on the other hand, is a direct product of the natural gas extraction process. Consisting mainly of methane, CNG has a comparatively high ignition temperature of around 700°C. Unlike LPG, CNG is a fuel that always exists in a gaseous state, meaning that it requires more storage space. More than 20 million CNG vehicles are estimated to run globally.

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