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Understand The Classification Of CNG Injection Kits

  • We all know that there are many types of CNG Injection Kits for cars, and there are many ways to classify them. Today we will talk about one of the classification methods of CNG Injection Kits.

    According to the different injection parts, it can be divided into two types: in-cylinder injection and out-cylinder injection. In-cylinder injection is to inject gasoline directly into the cylinder through an injector installed on the cylinder head. This injection system requires a higher injection pressure, 3-5 MPa per month. Therefore, the structure and arrangement of the fuel injector are more complicated. The out-cylinder injection system installs the injector on the intake pipe or intake manifold and injects gasoline into the intake pipe or intake port at an injection pressure of 0.20-0.35MPa. The former is called intake pipe injection (single-point EFI), and the latter is called port injection (multi-point injection). At present, port injection is widely used in gasoline electronic control systems.

    In addition, CNG Injection Kits can also be classified in other ways. And CNG Conversion Kits are also a tool that cars will use.