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Introduce The Advantages Of CNG Pipe

  • Compressed natural gas refers to gaseous natural gas compressed to a pressure greater than or equal to 10 MPa and not greater than 25 MPa, which is pressurized and stored in a container in a gaseous state. CNG Pipe is a pipeline for the transportation of compressed natural gas. CNG Pipe has many advantages. Let’s take a look today.

    Compressed natural gas has the same composition as pipeline natural gas, and the main component is methane. CNG can be used as vehicle fuel. LNG can be used to make CNG. This CNG-fueled vehicle is called NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle). Liquefied petroleum gas is often confused with LNG there are obvious differences between them. The main component of LPG is propane (more than 95%), and a small amount of butane. LPG is stored in a storage tank in a liquid state under appropriate pressure and is used as a fuel for civil and vehicle use.

    CNG Pipe transportation has the advantages of low transportation cost, small land occupation, fast construction, large oil and gas transportation volume, high safety performance, low transportation loss, no "three wastes" emissions, low risk of leakage, low environmental pollution, and low impact on harsh weather. Equipment maintenance is small, easy to manage, easy to realize remote centralized monitoring, and other advantages.

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