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Understand The Principle Of LPG Emulator

  • There are many applications of LPG Emulator in automobiles, and today we will talk about its principle.

    The working medium fluid and the ejection medium fluid enter the mixing chamber, and the speed is equalized, which is usually accompanied by an increase in pressure. When the fluid exits the mixing chamber and enters the diffuser, the pressure will continue to rise. At the outlet of the diffuser, the pressure of the mixed fluid is higher than the pressure of the ejected fluid when it enters the receiving chamber. Increasing the pressure of the ejector fluid without directly consuming mechanical energy is the most fundamental performance of the ejector. Due to this nature, in many technical departments, the use of ejectors than mechanical booster equipment (compressors, pumps, blowers, induced draft fans, etc.) makes it possible to obtain simpler and more reliable technical solutions. In addition to its very simple structure, the system for connecting the ejector to various equipment is also very simple, and the manufacturing is not complicated, and it is widely used in engineering. Among them, in the field of power engineering technology, it is mainly used in power plants, exhaust gas and waste heat heating devices, refrigeration, and conveying solid loose particles.

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