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About The Control Principle Of LPG CNG Switch

  • Many people should know something about LPG CNG Switch . Today I will talk about its control principle.

    Gasoline/natural gas dual-fuel vehicles can be divided into three categories: open-loop mixer gas supply system, closed-loop mixer gas supply system with electronically controlled power valve, and electronically controlled gas injection. The difference is mainly reflected in the formation of the mixture, the control of the concentration of the mixture, and whether it is single-point jet control or multi-point sequential jet control. Other special devices are basically the same. At present, the closed-loop control system of the mixer mode is generally adopted on EFI vehicles at home and abroad, and the matched power performance, emission performance, fuel economy, and other indicators can basically meet the requirements of use.

    In the closed-loop control, the gas supply system adds a gas ECU and uses the oxygen sensor of the original car to realize the closed-loop control of the air-fuel ratio. At the same time, a stepping motor power valve controlled by the gas ECU is added between the pressure-reducing regulator and the mixer. In this way, the gas ECU, oxygen sensor, and electronically controlled power valve can be used to enable the engine to obtain the best air-fuel ratio under various operating conditions. The working method is: cut off the supply of natural gas when burning gasoline, and cut off the supply of gasoline when burning natural gas.

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