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Cng Pressure Gauge Factory Introduces The Installation Requirem


    Cng Pressure Gauge Factory introduces the precautions for the installation and operation of the gas regulator:

    1. When storing, transporting, installing, checking and accepting, using, and overhauling the gas pressure regulator box, it must strictly implement the national standards and comply with the company's regulations.

    2. The gas pressure regulator box and its components should be stored in a dry, ventilated, and non-corrosive room.

    3. During the transportation of the gas surge tank, it should be protected from severe vibration and rain, and it is strictly forbidden to throw, collide, etc.

    4. When installing the gas pressure regulator box, the flange of the riser pipe should be parallel to the center distance of the flange of the inlet and outlet ball valve. It is strictly forbidden to use a crowbar to force the combination when the difference is too large, which will cause the pipeline to deform too much, and the interface seal will be damaged and air leakage. The flange of the ball valve should be screwed until the boss is exposed and the flange gasket can be compressed. It is strictly forbidden to weld with a voltage regulator to prevent the film from being damaged by the high temperature of the electric welding.

    5. Before installing the gas pressure regulator, clean the pipes as required to prevent oxides, sand and debris in the pipes from blocking the valve ports.

    6. When the gas pressure regulator box is installed for pipeline pressure test, the regulator must be blocked by a blind plate, and the ball valve must be closed, especially on the downstream outlet side, otherwise the regulator will be easily damaged.