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CNG Injection Kits Suppliers Introduces The Use Function Of CNG


    CNG Injection Kits Suppliers introduces CNG pressure regulating equipment is a pressure regulating device that delivers natural gas with proper pressure to gas users through processes such as unloading, filtering, cutting off, heat exchange (above the second level), pressure regulation, metering, and odorization. During the use of CNG regulator skid, frequent inspection and maintenance work should be carried out to avoid gas accidents.

    Process description of CNG pressure regulating equipment: First, connect the high-pressure hose and quick-fitting joint to the skid-mounted truck. The compressed natural gas enters the first-stage heat exchanger after passing through the high-pressure ball valve, high-pressure emergency shut-off valve, and filter. The gas is heated for the first time and reduced to 1.0-4.0 MPa through a first-stage pressure regulator.

    It is heated in the secondary heat exchanger, reduced to 0.1-0.4MPa through the secondary pressure regulator (if the user requires a lower pressure natural gas can be used for three-stage pressure regulation or lower), and then enter the flowmeter for volume Metering. After passing through the odorizing device, it finally enters the medium-pressure gas pipeline network.

    The display and control of the natural gas medium pressure, temperature, flow rate, and circulating water temperature in the CNG gas pressure regulating equipment, and the control of the imported emergency shut-off valve are all controlled by the central console.