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Health-Care Performance Of Flannel Fleece Blanket Wool

  • Blanket is a kind of commonly used bedding, which has the function of keeping warm and is thinner than quilt. The raw materials are mostly animal fibers (such as wool, mohair, rabbit hair, cashmere, camel hair, yak wool) or chemical fibers such as acrylic and viscose fibers, and some are made of animal fibers and chemical fibers blended. The flannel fleece blanket combines the advantages of flannel fabric and wool fabric. Next, let's talk about the health performance of wool.

    The warmth, breathability, and moisture resistance of wool can be very effective for patients with arthritis and rheumatism. At the same time, thick wool has rich elasticity, and the surface of the fur is soft and soft, which can disperse the body's skin, especially the bones. It has a certain massage effect when the body weight rotates under pressure, stimulates capillaries, helps to improve the blood circulation of the skin, and has a certain relief effect on muscle fatigue and joint pain. The fiber gaps in the fur can absorb and diffuse the excretion from the human skin. Sweat and oil help the skin's metabolism and enhance the ability to resist skin diseases. Therefore, the health-care properties of wool have always been among the best.

    Whether it is the warmth retention performance or the health care performance of wool, it is obvious to all. In addition, the heat retention performance of the flannel jacquard two-tone fabric is also very good.