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What Are The Flannel Fleece Blanket And Classification Of Wool

  • Although the term flannel is a foreign language, everyone should be familiar with flannel fabrics. So everyone should know a little bit about the flannel fleece blanket . Today we talk about the classification of wool blankets.

    Shearing blanket: The overall hair quality is fine and uniform, the hair is consistent, the hand feels full, and the resilience is good. Good sheep shearing products have vivid and clear patterns, bright colors, no obvious seams, smooth wool surface, no large curls, and ribs. Gently grasp it with your hands, the good-quality products are full, plump, and elastic, and the wool fiber density is high.

    Leather-shaped blanket: four-pronged, six-pronged, eight-pronged carpet and the size can also be customized. The whole piece of wool skin is trimmed according to its original shape to remove the loose and disabled parts of the head, abdomen, limbs, and tail, and processed by tanning and dyeing. The overall hair quality of the high-quality leather-shaped blanket is fine and uniform, and the hair is uniform.

    Like flannel jacquard two-tone fabric is a good fabric for making woolen blankets.