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Introduce The Color Selection Of Teddy Velvet Fabric Factory

  • "Teddy fleece" clothing has been popular for several years. If you wear such a "Teddy fleece" in winter, it will be warm and cute, and the harshness of the cold will be still in your head instantly, the warmth index is bursting, and the fashion index soars! So teddy velvet fabric factory has also developed very well in recent years.

    "Teddy Cashmere" also has many different colors and styles. "Teddy velvet" fabrics, like other fabrics, can have many colors. Because of the characteristics of the fabric and the color has emotional language, when you wear a Teddy outfit, choose the color more carefully.

    The cuteness of the Teddy outfit with beautiful colors is very high, and I have the urge to embrace it when I look at it. It is too warm. The pure white Teddy outfit has a more wintery atmosphere, reminiscent of the white snow in winter, enjoying the purity brought by white in a world without variegated colors.

    In winter, people can't help but want to touch them. You can feel happiness just by looking at this kind of clothes like "plush toys". The clothes made by a rabbit fur fabric factory are also very cute.