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Introduce The Characteristics Of Teddy Velvet Fabric Factory

  • In recent years, the teddy velvet fabric produced by the teddy velvet fabric factory is very popular, let's take a look.

    If you put on such a "teddy fleece" in winter, it is warm and cute, and the harshness of the cold is still in your head in an instant, the warmth index is bursting, and the fashion index soars. For girls, this is the best for them. Gifts, beauty is for oneself to see.

    Some girls don't want to wear it just to look not too cute, but there are also styles that mature professional women can wear in teddy velvet clothing. The iron principle is to stick to calm colors.

    Of course, "Teddy velvet" should be Angola goat hair. The name of Angola goat hair comes from Turkish, meaning "the best wool".

    However, with the development of fabric technology, 100% chemical fibers or blends will also be made into "teddy velvet".

    There is also the familiar polar fleece, which is 100% chemical fiber. After a series of processes, the fabric is sheared and brushed to form a plush fabric.

    The rabbit fur fabric produced by the rabbit fur fabric factory is the same, it can be cute or fashionable.