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Understand The Mothproof Performance Of Rabbit Fur Fabric Facto

  • We all know that the fabric market is developing very fast, and among them, the rabbit fur fabric produced by the rabbit fur fabric factory is very popular.

    Rabbit hair is a natural protein fiber, which is vulnerable to insect damage, especially after it absorbs moisture and becomes damp. Therefore, regular inspections are required, usually every 10-15 days in summer and every 30-40 days in winter. To prevent rabbit hair from moth, you can place the appropriate amount of mothballs or other insect repellents (packed in gauze bags, placed in the four corners and center of wooden cabinets and cartons), but do not directly mix and contact the insect repellent with rabbit hair.

    In addition, care should be taken to prevent rodents and dust when storing rabbit fur. It is difficult to remove rabbit fur after dust pollution, which will affect the color of rabbit fur and reduce its quality.

    Therefore, the anti-moth performance of the rabbit fur fabric is still very good. In addition, the teddy velvet fabric produced by the teddy velvet fabric factory is also very popular.