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Fabric Performance Of Polyester Flannel Fabric Supplier

  • Today's fabric market is developing rapidly. In addition to a variety of more traditional fabrics, many new fabrics have also appeared, and they are more favored by sellers in the market. For example, the polyester flannel fabric produced by the polyester flannel fabric supplier is very popular.

    The performance of the polyester flannel fabric is still very good. Under standard conditions, the moisture regain of polyester is 0.4%, which is lower than that of acrylic (1%~2%) and nylon (4%). Polyester has low moisture absorption, so its wet strength decreases less, and the fabric has good washability and wearability. However, static electricity is serious during processing and wearing, and the fabric has poor air permeability and moisture absorption. The softening point T of polyester is 230-240℃, the melting point Tm is 255-265℃, and the decomposition point T is about 300℃. Polyester can burn in fire, curl, and melt into beads, with black smoke and an aromatic smell. Its light resistance is second only to acrylic fiber. The light resistance of polyester is related to its molecular structure. Polyester only has a strong absorption band in the 315nm wavelength region, so it loses only 60% of its strength after 600h of sunlight, which is similar to cotton. Polyester has poor electrical conductivity due to low moisture absorption. The dielectric constant in the range of -100~+160℃ is 3.0~3.8, which is an excellent insulator.

    Many home textile fabric supplier will choose a lot of fabrics like home textile fabric, but most of the fabrics need to have good performance.