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Learn About Home Textile Fabric Wholesalers Trends

  • Home textile fabric is used a lot in our surroundings, and home textile fabric wholesalers are constantly improving. But what are the trends in the home textile fabric industry?

    The speed of industry convergence will accelerate. To reduce the operating costs of enterprises and enhance market competitiveness, enterprises that were originally separated from the industrial clusters quickly gathered together to promote the pattern of industrial bases to become more intensive and clear. The industrial cluster has the advantages of many manufacturing enterprises, direct logistics in all directions, large information flow, and complete supporting facilities. In addition to the low cost of supporting processing, the cost of purchasing information and merchant resources is also very low. The aggregation speed of industrial clusters will accelerate, especially in the financial crisis, many enterprises drift on the edge of industrial clusters, if they want to ensure their survival, they must move closer to the industrial clusters. Therefore, the industrial environment determines the aggregation of industries.

    The market polarization is more obvious. The home textile industry will show the Matthew effect. Home textile companies with abundant capital, brand advantages, and channel advantages will quickly distance themselves from small and medium-sized enterprises, and the market polarization will become more obvious.

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