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Introduce The Ingredients Of Teddy Velvet Fabric

  • The appearance of the teddy velvet fabric seen in the market is somewhat similar to that of a teddy dog. The hair is short and curly and very shiny.

    The raw materials of teddy velvet fabric are mostly polyester fiber, and the fabric has a high grammage. It is a kind of material produced by using polyester material through loosening processing and other methods.

    Teddy velvet fabric is one of the most advanced fabrics in the fabric market. It has the characteristics of warmth and comfort, and it is easier to take care of than other fabrics. When we buy Teddy velvet clothes, we need to buy products with a brand guarantee. Pay attention to the content of Teddy velvet fabric. The higher the content, the better the quality.

    The main component of teddy velvet fabric is polyester fiber, and about 5% of spandex and other components will be mixed in the composition, which is mainly added according to the main purpose of teddy velvet. Teddy velvet is mainly used to make autumn and winter jackets, which are warm and comfortable. It is an artifact for many stars to keep warm and bomb the streets. Who wears it will look good. And Teddy velvet clothes can be matched with any type of pants, casual and fashionable, not to mention how beautiful it is.

    The rabbit fur fabric is the same, warm and comfortable, casual and fashionable, and is popular with the public.