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Features Of PV Plush Blanket

  • PV velvet is a popular knitted fabric in recent years. It is widely used in the production and processing of clothing, toys, and bedding products, such as the production of the PV plush blanket , and is favored by garment factories, supermarkets, and traders at home and abroad.

    Because the PV velvet fabric has a particularly delicate touch, it is also widely used in furniture decoration, car decoration, etc. For example, the outer jacket covering the steering wheel of a car is mostly made of PV velvet fabric.

    It is skin-friendly, does not cause any irritation to human skin, and does not produce any allergies, so PV fleece fabrics are particularly broad!

    The textile technology of PV velvet fabric is a knitted fabric, but what is the composition of its fabric? PV velvet is 100% chemical fiber surface material, and its textile raw material is 100% polyester.

    However, because of this, when cleaning the milk velvet printed blanket and PV plush blanket, we can only choose to wash them by hand or send them to the laundry for dry cleaning. They cannot be washed in a washing machine because the blankets will be damaged.