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Flannel fabric is easier to absorb dust


    Flannel is a kind of textile fabric commonly used in autumn and winter. Because the fabric has very good warmth retention, flannel is often used to produce pajamas, mattresses and felts and other warm textiles. Flannel fabrics are used in autumn and winter. It is also very popular. Let's take a closer look at the characteristics of flannel, including the advantages and disadvantages of flannel.

    What fabric is flannel? What are the disadvantages of flannel?

    Flannel is a kind of fleece fabric made from polyester (polyester fiber) through a process such as napping. The fabric has fine fluff and soft touch. The fluffs are tightly arranged so that they will have good warmth retention. At the same time, the fabric has good moisture absorption, so flannel can also be used to produce underwear such as pajamas and pajamas.

    Because it is made of polyester, the fabric will have good abrasion resistance like polyester, so the flannel fabric is not easy to break, and the price of the flannel fabric is not too expensive. Flannel fabric per meter is wholesale The price is mainly between a dozen to 30 yuan, and the fabric also has a higher cost performance.

    Disadvantages of flannel: Of course, flannel also has some shortcomings. For example, flannel is unavoidably shed. The first washing will be more obvious. Secondly, the air permeability of flannel will be more natural than that of pure cotton. The fiber difference is much, so this kind of fabric will be boring after being put on. Flannel fabric is prone to static electricity in winter. The fabric is not only easy to absorb dust but also affects people's wearing experience to a certain extent.

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