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Milk velvet has technological characteristics


    Milk velvet is also called milk fiber. Milk protein fiber uses cow's milk as the basic raw material. After dehydration, deoiling, degreasing, separation and purification, it becomes a kind of cheese protein with linear macromolecular structure; then it is blended with polyacrylonitrile by high-tech methods. Cross-linking and grafting to prepare spinning dope; finally, it is formed by wet spinning, curing, drawing, drying, crimping, setting, short fiber cutting (filament winding). It is a new type of animal protein fiber that is different from natural fiber, regenerated fiber and synthetic fiber. People also call it milk silk and milk fiber.

    Milk protein fiber can be spun purely or blended with cashmere, silk, spun silk, cotton, wool, hemp and other fibers. Develop high-end underwear, shirts, T-shirts, home textiles, etc., to meet people's pursuit of comfort, health care, and fashion.

    The fabric woven with 100% milk fiber is light, soft, smooth, breathable and moisture conductive, suitable for making T-shirts, underwear and other casual home clothing;

    The fabric interwoven with milk fiber and silk is thick, smooth, and has a good drape, suitable for making high-end clothing such as Tang suits, cheongsams, and evening dresses;

    Milk fiber stretch fabric woven with spandex (Lycra) is soft and moderately elastic. It is suitable for making knitted sports tops, rhythmic fitness clothes and body underwear.

    Milk velvet printed blanket is also very common in our lives. It is smooth, soft and comfortable, and is a good home textile.